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Course Scheduling

Course scheduling occurs each school year during the beginning of 2nd semester. For students, choosing courses for the following school year can be a very big decision to make in high school.

To make sure students are on the right path for graduation and prepared for their post-secondary plan, counselors assist students throughout the entire course selection process.

On the Freshman level, students will register for their courses during Science class in Freshman Seminar. The counselors recommend that students and parents collaborate on choosing courses prior to the students Freshman Seminar. Counselors will reach out to students if there is a need to meet with them regarding their course selection.

On the Sophomore level, students will meet individually with students to discuss their course plan for junior year and register them for classes.

On the Junior level students will meet individually with the students to discuss their course plan for senior year and register them for classes.

The hardest decision when it comes to scheduling can be selecting which AP courses to take. To help students and parents decide on which AP courses students should take, we have included some resources for you to review. Below are videos from each department outlining the expectations of each department's AP courses.

English Department
AP English Courses Insight Video: https://youtu.be/og9RMS_Zwds

Math Department
AP Math Courses Insight Video: https://youtu.be/kZTmTmW0orc

Science Department
AP Science Courses Insight Video: https://youtu.be/KOQ4vxcmSZo

Social Science Department
AP Social Science Courses Insight Video: https://youtu.be/e1_akMM51vk

In addition to the videos, the syllabus for each AP course is located below. Feel free to review these syllabi to get a better understanding of the workload of each course. 

Please contact your child's counselor for questions or concerns regarding the course scheduling process.